AAA pipe cutting machine advantage

AAA pipe cutting machine advantage

Since the new generation of AAA automatic pipe cutting machine was born, it has caused a market sensation because of its "precision"," new" and "strong" function. Many industry people call it the dark horse in the industry.

Where is AAA automatic pipe cutting machine accurate in?
The innovative use of this pipe cutting machine servo CNC system, cutting length accuracy up to 0.05MM. Servo CNC closed-loop system to ensure the length accuracy of each branch of the uniform.

The cutting machine's precision is also reflected in the "unmanned production" this enterprise vision. In order to realize this enterprise vision, in the control panel of one of the core of the intelligent pipe cutting machine, the control system and program are designed and developed by the R & D engineer of the mechanical front, which realizes the one-click start-up and one-click downtime, and realizes the machine's more intelligent, the simpler the operation is, so that the user can operate the machine with a little training, which can effectively reduce the requirements of the enterprise for the technical and quality of the staff.

This cutting machine adopts the innovative structure design, and the AAA automatic cutting machine adopts the new feeding system with innovative intelligent cycle. Innovative use of innovative intelligent identification cutting head and tail function system. There are also innovative in the design of the use of a comprehensive universal feeding system (round tube, square tube, flat tube universal). And in the way of cutting innovative use of long and short pipe mode, but also with chamfering machine, pipe bending machine, brush hair thorn machine into integrated unmanned production line.

Where is the AAA automatic pipe cutting machine strong?
This cutting machine is strong in function, first of all it is strong in intelligent and efficient labor saving, can achieve unmanned operation, uninterrupted production, one worker can see 10 machines. Secondly, it is strong in the use of intelligent length calculation servo control system, machine structure optimization, equipment failure less, long life. Again, it is strong in the invention patent clamping system, pipe clamping no deformation, clamping after the firm, mirror tube no indentation, no scratch.