A Beginner's Guide To Bending Machine

A Beginner's Guide To Bending Machine

A CNC bending machine is a fully automated machine operated by a computer. It uses heavy-duty mechanical parts operated by electrical motors, or sometimes by a hydraulic system. CNC tube benders can make complex bends to a very high degree of precision that hand-formed parts simply can't match. The main function of the CNC tube benders is to bend steel bars and other products, and it is frequently used in the industrial field at present. In this post, we will walk through the basic knowledge about the bending machine.

cnc tube bending machine

How Does the CNC Bending Machine Work

The coil is placed in the depression of the seat housing, and the top of the depression is covered with a cover plate. The process of tube bending involves using mechanical force to push stock material pipe or tubing against a die, forcing the pipe or tube to conform to the shape of the die. Often, stock tubing is held firmly in place while the end is rotated and rolled around the die.

How To Maintain the Tube Bending Machine

 ● Wipe the bending machine after use

The bending machine is a tool that often comes into contact with iron products, thus, it is better to perform a series of operations for maintenance after use. The most important thing is that the tool needs to be wiped after use. This practice can help the tool Avoid the problem of rusting.

● Regular maintenance inspections

Regular inspection and maintenance of this pipe bender can avoid various problems and dangers and improve safety performance.

1. When cleaning the oil tank of the bending machine, clean the oil inlet filter of each pump.
2. Clean the oil tank and filter the hydraulic tank once within 1-2 months after the equipment is used.
3. All joints of the hydraulic pump are equipped with oil-resistant rubber sealing rings. If the sealing ring is damaged, it should be replaced in time.  


Bending machines are mainly used for bending various plastic and metal plates and they are indispensable technical tools in our industry. AAA has been engaged in metal pipe, profile processing equipment for 15 years. If you want to purchase a cnc tube bending machine, don’t hesitate to contact us.