How Automatic Tube Cutting Machine Save Cost

The CNC tube cutting machines are popular choices for a wide range of industries and these tools can differ widely based on the specific material or materials that they are designed to cut. In this post, we will look at the fundamentals of what a pipe cutting machine is and how it save cost.

What Is A Tube Cutting Machine?

Pipe Cutter is a tool used for cutting or slicing pipes. Cuts made with these tools are usually clean and tidy, with little need for deburring or cleaning up excess swarf. Thus metal tube cutting machine is an effective, safe method to process tubes.

How Are The Benefits Of Automatic Pipe Cutting Machine?

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● High cutting efficiency

The traditional pipe cutting machine can cut multiple branches, but the single cutting time is longer. On the contrary, the intelligent pipe cutting machine is single cut, but the cutting speed is faster. For example, 6 small and medium-sized pipes can be cut at the same time, but it takes about 40 seconds/cut; The cutting speed of the intelligent automatic cutting equipment is 5 seconds/cut, and it takes about 30 seconds to cut 6 pipes. In contrast, the new intelligent automatic cutting equipment is more efficient, saving more production costs for the enterprise.

● Save Time

The cutting tails of traditional cutting equipment need to be processed manually, but the tailings will be automatically recycled and unmanned processing.

● High Cutting Accuracy

The current traditional cutting equipment cutting accuracy is about ±0.15mm, and the cutting accuracy of the intelligent pipe cutting machine can reach ±0.05mm. The incision is not deformed and has no burrs, and there is less waste, which can save more material costs.

● Save consumables

The traditional pipe cutting machine has a high maintenance rate, high maintenance cost, and high cost of consumables such as saw blades; the intelligent exact pipe cutting machine has precise design, rigorous structure, reliable quality, and more durable saw blades (the service life of saw blades is expected to be more than twice that of traditional cutting equipment.

● Save Labour

The traditional pipe cutting machine is highly dependent on the operator. Every time 6 meters per pipe is cut, the pipe needs to be manually placed into the material clamp. On the contrary, the intelligent pipe cutting machine only needs the operator to pay attention to the material rack. Whether the number of upper pipes is enough to cut, the rest of the process is automatically done, which can realize staged unmanned production. 2-3 people can operate 5-10 machines at the same time, which can save more labor costs and management costs. The operation is simple, and the operator only needs to know the start and switch buttons to use the machine.


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