How Much Does An Automatic Tube Cutting Machine Cost

The automatic CNC tube cutting machine is widely used in various industries because of its higher cutting speed, better cutting quality, and lower use cost. When it comes to laser cutting, it is suitable for all pipes and materials, thus it is already a popular choice in the processing industry. Many factories know the advantages of the fully automatic pipe cutting machine, but there are also many people discourage it because they mistakenly believe that its price is high. For many small businesses, using one or more laser cutting machines will be a relatively large investment. For enterprises, these are the standards pursued by enterprises, so what is the specific use cost of the fully automatic pipe cutting machine?

How much does an automatic pipe cutting machine cost?

The cutting cost of the automatic pipe cutting machine is very low, accounting for only about 1/8 of that of similar CO2 laser cutting machines. The hourly use cost of the automatic pipe cutting machine is about 30-40 RMB. The CO2 laser cutting machine is about 200-240 RMB per hour. At the same time, since the cutting speed of the optical fiber laser cutting machine is nearly 300 times higher than that of the wire cutting, the automatic pipe cutting machine has created extremely high value with extremely low use cost.


● Suitable for square and round shapes of tube
● Allowing cutting multiple lengths on a tube
● Cutting length can up to 2m/3m
● Automatic separation of first and last workpieces
● Standard with 6 meters bundle loading shelf, another length is optional
● The length of last cut down to 40mm
● Quick saw blade change system
● The production line can be connected to tube chamfering machine, drilling machine, and other  processing functions

Although it is the common goal pursued by all companies to create benefits with lower costs, it often pays for what you pay for. Due to the investment in production costs and technical costs, the price of the small pipe cutting machine will not be too low. It is recommended that some small-scale enterprises can choose second-hand laser cutting machines, which may relieve financial pressure. There are many power options for the automatic pipe cutting machines, such as 500w pipe cutting machine and 3000w pipe cutting machine. The price ranges from hundreds of thousands to millions of RMB.

The production cost and technical cost are there, and the price of the automatic pipe cutting machine cannot be very low. It is recommended that some small businesses choose second-hand laser cutting machines to continuously cut, perhaps this can relieve financial pressure.

The automatic pipe cutting machine has a low power of 500w to a high power of 3000w, and the price ranges from hundreds of thousands to millions. Compared with other traditional cutting equipment, the initial investment cost is relatively high.


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