How Tube Production Line Makes Your Pipes Stand Out

With the rapid development of the pipe cutting technique and the growing demand of the markets, the better performance of pipe cutting machines is requested. To cut the pipe on a large scale, AAA fully automatic pipe cutting production line has been launched. In this article, we will walk through the benefits of the automatic pipe cutting machine.

What Is Intelligent Automatic Pipe Cutting Machine?

An exact pipe cutting machine refers to a pipe cutting machine that realizes intelligent and automatic operation of pipe feeding, cutting, and tailing processing through a CNC intelligent control system, which can effectively save manpower and material resources. It can automatically identify the head and tail of the metal pipe material without manual secondary processing. At the same time, it can identify whether there are pipes in the hopper, and it will shut down to replace saw blades if there is no pipes left. Additionally, multiple machines can be operated by one person at the same time, so as to improve production efficiency, and save labor and production costs for enterprises. 


Action Flow Of The Tube Cutting Machines:

The Crane hoist material to feeding machine material storehouse→ Automatic discharging material→ Automatic feeding→ automatic feeding material to cutting machine→ Automatic cutting head material→ Cutting specified length→ Automatic tail cutting→ Automatic cycle feeding →Material automatically entering the deburring machine→ Automatic sliding into a box


What Pipe Cutting Machine Is Used For Cutting Large Quantities Of Pipes?

For cutting the large quantities of pipes effectively, the AAA tube production line brings you the latest technology in tube cutting and deburring. Let’s take AAA-CNCPTX-B-MS tube production line as an example.
Pipe cutting machine for sale

● A double pump oil hydraulic system can adjust the pressure of the clamping and lowering the knife, which can prevent the workpiece from deforming and scratching.

● It can be connected to a variety of equipment, such as a tube cnc chamfering machine, pipe bending machine, punching machine, and combined into an intelligent unmanned automatic production line.

● Quality can be guaranteed with the servo feeding and mechanical positioning functions, and the cutting accuracy can reach ±0.05mm. This pipe cutting machine features high accuracy, high efficiency, and less product waste.

● Allowing cutting multiple lengths on a tube and it is suitable for most shapes of the tube, such as square tubes, circular tube, etc.

● The unloading apparatus adopts double cylinders to ensure the correct direction of the down tube, and the cutting is not deformed and has no burrs.

● The intelligent control system is adopted to automatically cut tails, which has a greater advantage in cutting short pipes. Pipe cutting machine automatically detects the length of raw materials and automatically counts, which is convenient for enterprises to conduct scientific management.

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