AAA-CNCDX-B-MS | Tube Production Line

  • AAA-CNCDX-B-MS | Tube Production Line

AAA-CNCPTX-B-MS tube production line brings you the latest technology in tube cutting and deburring. Its unique design allows it to process square and round tubes.

Machine Features:
  • Suitable for both square tube and round tube
  • Cutting length up to 2m/3m
  • High-speed cutting: cutting time for 50*50*3.0 tube can be up to 3-4S/tube
  • Standard with 6 meters bundle loading feeder, other lengths are optional
  • Automatic separation of first and last cutting material
  • The mininum length of last cutting down to 40mm
  • Quickly saw blade changing system
  • Allowing cutting multiple lengths on one tube
  • The production line can be connected to tube chamfering machine, drilling machine and other processing functions
Action flow: 
Crane hoisting material to feeding machine material storehouse→ Automatic discharging material→ Automatic feeding→ automatic feeding material to cutting machine→ Automatic cutting head material→ Cutting specified length→ Automatic tail material→ Automatic cycle feeding →Material automatically entering the feeder→ Automatic sliding into box (After the process can be automatically connected to chamfering machine, punching machine, etc.)
Technical parameter
Power Three-phase,380V,50HZ
Applicable materials Iron pipe, stainless steel, square tube, flat tube, round tube
Blade Size (mm) 250-355 315-425 315-500
Total power (Kw) 13 14 15
Working Air Pressure  6
Oil pressure () 20-35(adjustable)
Oil tankage(L) 50
Adaptive length of feeding machine (MM) 5800-6200(customizable)
Load bearing of feeding machine(T) 3
Cutting length (mm) ≧50
Automatic cutting tail adapts to the shortest cutting length (mm) ≧150
The shortest length of tail clamping (mm) ≧40
Single feeding itinerary (mm) 1500 (can feed multiple times)
Clamping mode Cross clamp (square tube and round pipe are in common use)
Clamping ability round tube:20-50mmX4,50-100mmX1
square tube:20-50mmX4,50-90mmX1
flat tube:1-5
Working efficiency For example:Q235 40x40x2.0mmX4tubes(10-12s)
Cooling mode coolant liquid
Weight (Kg) 3100 3200 3300
Cutting ability:
Size of pipe (mm):
Round tube (mm) 100 ≤165
square tube (mm) 100 ≤110 ≤120
Rectangular tube (mm) width110 Hight80 width≤120 Hight≤100 width≤130 Hight≤110
Thickness (mm):
Iron ≤3 ≤6 ≤10
Stainless ≤2 ≤4 ≤6

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