AAA-DCQFA | Automatic Tube Chamfering Machine

  • AAA-DCQFA | Automatic Tube Chamfering Machine

Machine Features
  • Double ends/single ends is available
  • Chamfering radius is optional
  • External and internal chamfering with one process
  • Single side processing is avaliable
Model AAA-D50QFA-500/1000 AAA-D85QFA-500/1000 AAA-D114QFA-500/1000
Power Three-phase ,380V、50HZ
Air pressure (Mpa) 0.6-0.8
Adaptive workpiece length(mm) 60-500/60-1000 70-500/70-1000
Adaptive workpiece diameter(mm) Ø8-50 Ø30-85 Ø30-114
work efficiency (s/pie) 1-2 2-3
Work accuracy(mm) ±0.1
power of motor (KW) 2.2 3 4
Feeding mode Automatic
Machine size (mm) 1800x1150x1200/ 2300x1150x1200

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