AAA-QL355CNC-2D | Automatic Angle Cutting Machine

  • AAA-QL355CNC-2D | Automatic Angle Cutting Machine

AAA-QL355CNC-2D fully automatic double knife 45° cutting machine, used for cutting the material with 90° angle of the edge frame, the machine uses Mitsubishi PLC and servo motor, which has the functions of automatic feeding, automatic cutting, automatic cutting head and tail material, etc. At the same time, it can be equipped with vacuum cleaner, which can absorb the cutting chips produced when the machine is working, and can also be equipped with drilling, tapping and other functions.

Machine Features
  • Servo controlled material feeding
  • Touch screen for easy operation and setting
  • Heavy steel base to decrease vibration and improve precision in cutting
  • Automatic oil-mist cooling system for cutting, without cleaning after processing
  • Equipped with dust recycle system to keep environment clean
  • Fully-enclosed safety protection
Model AAA-QL355CNC-2D
Applicable materials AL、Cu、PVC
Power supply Three-phase ,380V、50HZ
Saw drive motor (Kw) 1.5*2
Feed servo motor (Kw) 0.75
Spindle speed 3300
Saw blade size (mm) 355/305
Maximum sawing height (mm) 100
Maximum saw width (mm) 80
Sawing Angle (°) 45
Total power (KW) 4.2
Working Air Pressure (KH) 6
Control mode CNC
Cooling mode Micro atomized cutting oil
Machine weight (Kg) 600
Cutting accuracy (mm) ±0.05

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