AAA-QL405ACNC | Automatic Feeding + Cutting Machine

  • AAA-QL405ACNC | Automatic Feeding + Cutting Machine

Machine Features
  • Servo controlled material feeding
  • Can cut bars + tubes in bundle
  • Do not need to change clamping jaws while change material
  • Touch screen for easy operation and setting
  • Heavy steel base to decrease vibration and improve precision in cutting
  • Automatic oil-mist cooling system for cutting, without cleaning after processing
  • Fully chips recycle system to keep environment clean
  • Fully-enclosed safety protection
Applicable materials AL、CU、PVC
Safety protection Closed safety gate protection
Power supply Three-phase,380V,50HZ
Blade Size (mm) Ø350-450
Maximum sawing height (mm) 110
Maximum sawing width (mm) 300
Total power (Kw) 5
Working Air Pressure (kg/cm3) 6
Cooling mode Micro atomized cutting oil
Feeding mode Servo feeding
Feeding itinerary (mm) Single 750 (extended customizable)
Approach way Lower upward feed knife (gas-oil mixed power)
Control mode CNC
Tail Length (MM) ≦130
Weight (KG) 800
Cutting accuracy Example: cutting material 100*50* length within 100mm accuracy±0.10mm

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