AAA-QL450B(C)(D)CNC | Automatic Feeding + Cutting Machine

Fully automatic CNC high-precision cutting machine

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Exact Pipe Cutting Machine | Pipe Cutting Machine China - AAA

Machine Features: Cutting Machine Online

  • Servo controlled material feeding
  • Can cut bars + tubes in bundle
  • Do not need to change clamping jaws while change material
  • Touch screen for easy operation and setting
  • Heavy steel base to decrease vibration and improve precision in cutting
  • Automatic oil-mist cooling system for cutting, without cleaning after processing
  • Can cut different lengths on one tube
  • Tail cuts down to 20mm
  • Fully dust recycle system to keep environment clean
  • Fully-enclosed safety protection


Why Choose Cutting Machine Online?

This cutting machine online aims to revolutionize your cutting processes and enhance productivity. Crafted with precision and efficiency in mind, this cutting-edge exact pipe cutting machine is designed to exceed industry standards and elevate your manufacturing capabilities.

Experience unparalleled precision with servo-controlled material feeding, ensuring consistent and accurate cuts every time. Versatility meets convenience as this machine effortlessly handles bars and tubes in bundles, streamlining your workflow without the hassle of changing clamping jaws for different materials.

With a user-friendly touch screen interface, operation and settings are intuitive, simplifying the entire cutting process. The heavy steel base provides stability, minimizing vibration and maximizing cutting precision, guaranteeing the finest results with every cut.

Say goodbye to post-processing cleaning hassles! Our automatic oil-mist cooling system enables continuous cutting without the need for extensive cleaning afterward. Enjoy the flexibility to cut varying lengths on a single tube, with tail cuts as precise as 20mm, ensuring minimal material wastage.

Moreover, our commitment to environmental consciousness is evident in the fully integrated dust recycling system, maintaining a clean and eco-friendly workspace. Safety is paramount, and our exact pipe cutting machine boasts fully enclosed protection, ensuring a secure operating environment for your team.

Technical parameter
Applicable Materials AL、CU、PVC
Safety Protection Closed safety gate protection
Power Supply Three-phase,380V,50HZ
Blade Size (mm) 350-450
Maximum Sawing Height (mm) 120
Maximum Sawing Width (mm) 350(Customizable)
Total Power (Kw) 9 9.5 9.5
Working Air Pressure  6
Knife Driving Way Oil pressure Servo motor Servo motor
Approach Way horizontal feed
Tail Automatic Cutting X X
No Return Knife Pattern Function X X
Cooling Mode Micro atomized cutting oil
Feeding Mode NC Servo feeding
Feeding Itinerary (mm) Single 750 (Customizable)
Aluminum Slag Excretion Equipped with a chip remover and vacuum pipe interface, can connect with vacuum cleaner automatic suction
Tabletop Aluminum Chip Removal
Tail Length(mm) X X ≧20
Tail Cutting Adaptive Length(mm) X X >120
Cutting Accuracy ±0.07mm ±0.05mm


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