AAA-QLAPCNC | Automatic Plate Cutting Machine

Fully automatic plate cutting machine, automatic feeding + cutting

Quick Details

Machine Features:
  • 15KW high power cutting motor
  • Servo controlled material feeding
  • Touch screen for easy operation and setting
  • Heavy steel base to decrease vibration and improve precision in cutting
  • Automatic oil-mist cooling system for cutting, without cleaning after processing


What is CNC Plate Cutting Machine?

A CNC plate cutting machine, short for Computer Numerical Control Plate Cutting Machine, is a sophisticated industrial tool designed for the precision cutting of various materials, particularly metal plates. Unlike traditional manual cutting methods, CNC plate cutting machines are automated and guided by computer programs, allowing for highly accurate and efficient cutting processes.

What are the Features of the Cnc Plate Cutting Machine?

In the realm of industrial fabrication, precision and efficiency are paramount. The cnc plate cutting machine offers a range of features that set it apart, making it a game-changer in the world of material cutting.

●15KW High Power Cutting Motor

At the heart of the CNC plate cutting machine is its powerful 15KW cutting motor. This high-power motor ensures a swift and precise cutting process, making quick work of various materials with ease. Whether it's steel, aluminum, or other alloys, the machine's robust motor delivers impeccable results, reducing processing time and enhancing overall productivity.

●Servo Controlled Material Feeding

The inclusion of servo-controlled material feeding elevates the precision of the cutting process to new heights. This advanced technology allows for seamless control over material movement, ensuring accurate cuts and minimizing waste. The result is a more efficient production process and a significant reduction in material costs.

●User-Friendly Touch Screen Operation

Navigating the CNC plate cutting machine is a breeze, thanks to its user-friendly touch screen interface. Operators can easily program and set cutting parameters, adjusting them on the fly as needed. This intuitive control system not only simplifies operation but also reduces the learning curve for new users, making the machine accessible to a wider range of operators.

●Heavy Steel Base for Stability

Precision cutting demands stability, and the CNC plate cutting machine delivers just that with its heavy steel base. This robust foundation minimizes vibrations during the cutting process, ensuring consistent and accurate results. The stability provided by the heavy steel base is a crucial factor in achieving high-quality cuts, especially when working with large and heavy materials.

●Automatic Oil-Mist Cooling System

Gone are the days of manual cleaning after each cutting process. The CNC plate cutting machine features an automatic oil-mist cooling system. This innovative system not only cools the cutting area during operation but also eliminates the need for post-processing cleanup. This not only saves time but also enhances the lifespan of cutting tools by maintaining optimal operating conditions.

Technical Parameter
Cutting length 3100mm
Cutting width 2600mm
Maximum cutting height 160mm
Cutting motor power 15kw 4000rpm
Feeding moter 3kw
Air pressure ≥5.0kg/cm2
Voltage 380V/50Hz


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