AAA-QLTH650 | Multiple Heads Cutting Machine

  • AAA-QLTH650 | Multiple Heads Cutting Machine
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    AAA-QLTH650 is suitable for cutting long material, it can equipped with 2-5 cutting head and cutting a long material into segments.

Machine Features:
  • Semi-automatic operation
  • 45︒/90︒ cutting
  • Body length and cutting head are customizable
  • Equipped with precision electronic ruler
  • High power cutting motor
  • Safety protection
Technical Parameter:
 Cutting Motor Power 3*4kW  2800r/min
Cutting Length Max 6000mm
Cutting Width 350mm
Cutting Height 150mm
Cutting AngleHorizontal 45°~135°
Cutter Feeding Speed stepless speed regulation 0~3m/min
Repeat Locating Length Tolerance ±0.2mm
Cutting Angle Tolerance ±5′
Contour Dimention 9200*1800*2000mm
Weight About 3500KGS 

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