AAA-QLTH650 | Multiple Heads Cutting Machine

Quick Details

    AAA-QLTH650 is suitable for cutting long material, it can equipped with 2-5 cutting head and cutting a long material into segments.

Machine Features of Cutting Machine Metal:

  • Semi-automatic operation
  • 45︒/90︒ cutting
  • Body length and cutting head are customizable
  • Equipped with precision electronic ruler
  • High power cutting motor
  • Safety protection

Product Introduction to Cutting Machine Metal

This cutting machine metal is specially design for efficiency and accuracy, this machine is tailored to elevate your cutting processes with its array of impressive features.

Tailored for your needs, the AAA-QLTH650 cutting machine boasts the capability to be equipped with 2-5 cutting heads, ensuring seamless segmentation of lengthy materials. Its semi-automatic operation streamlines the cutting process, saving you time and effort while maintaining precision.

Versatility is at its core, offering cutting angles at both 45° and 90°, providing flexibility for diverse cutting requirements. What sets this cutting machine metal apart is its customizable body length and cutting head, allowing you to adapt it perfectly to your specific projects.

Precision is guaranteed with its integrated precision electronic ruler, ensuring accurate cuts every time. Powered by a high-performance cutting motor, this cutting machine effortlessly handles even the toughest materials with ease.

Safety is paramount, and the AAA-QLTH650 is equipped with comprehensive safety features, providing peace of mind during operation.

Technical Parameter:
 Cutting Motor Power 3*4kW  2800r/min
Cutting Length Max 6000mm
Cutting Width 350mm
Cutting Height 150mm
Cutting AngleHorizontal 45°~135°
Cutter Feeding Speed stepless speed regulation 0~3m/min
Repeat Locating Length Tolerance ±0.2mm
Cutting Angle Tolerance ±5′
Contour Dimention 9200*1800*2000mm
Weight About 3500KGS 


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