AAA-SW-38/50A | NC Tube Bending Machine

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Pipe Bending Machine


What is A Pipe Bending Machine?

A pipe bending machine is an industrial equipment that is used for bending pipes and tubes into various shapes and angles without causing damage or distortion to the material. The pipe bending machine is widely used in many industry fields that require tubes in accurate sizes to fit specific designs or structural requirements such as construction, automotive, aerospace, plumbing, and manufacturing.

What are the Uses of A Pipe Bending Machine?

Pipe bending machines find extensive application across various industries due to their ability to shape pipes and tubes accurately. Some common uses include:

●Construction: In construction projects, pipe bending machines are used to create bends in pipes and tubes for structural components like handrails, support frames, and architectural designs.

●Automotive Industry: They play a crucial role in creating exhaust systems, roll cages, and other components requiring precisely bent pipes in vehicles.

●Plumbing and HVAC: Pipe bending machines are employed to shape pipes for plumbing installations, HVAC systems, and ductwork, allowing for custom bends and fittings as needed in buildings.

●Aerospace and Aviation: These industries utilize pipe bending machines to create complex and precise shapes for aircraft components like hydraulic lines, fuel lines, and other tubing systems.

●Furniture Manufacturing: Bending machines aid in crafting metal tubing for furniture pieces, particularly chairs, tables, and other items requiring curved or bent metal structures.

●Industrial Machinery: Manufacturing equipment often requires intricate pipe and tube structures, and bending machines help fabricate these components accurately.

●Oil and Gas Industry: They're used to shape pipes for pipelines, rigs, and various installations in the oil and gas sector, ensuring pipes fit the required specifications and layouts.

●Custom Fabrication: For any custom project requiring bent pipes or tubes, such as artistic installations, sculptures, or specialty products, these machines offer precise shaping capabilities.

Technical parameter
Model AAA-SW-38A AAA-SW-50A          
Maximum bending capacity (mm) 38*2 50*2          
Range of bending radius (mm) 38-200 38-200          
Range of double-bending (mm) 170-1700 170-1700          
Bending speed (°/s) 50 50          
Maximum system pressure (Mpa) 12 14          
Power (Kw) 5.5 7.5          



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