AAA-CNCX-A | Automatic Tube Cutting Machine

AAA-CNCX-A tube cutting machine brings you the latest technology in tube cutting

Quick Details

Machine Features:
  • Suitable for square and round shapes of tube
  • Cutting length can up to 2m/3m
  • High-speed cutting
  • Standard with 6 meters bundle loading shelf, other length is optional
  • Automatic separation of first and last workpieces
  • The length of last cut down to 40mm
  • Quick saw blade change system
  • Allowing cutting multiple lengths on a tube
  • The production line can be connected to tube chamfering machine, drilling machine and other processing functions


Why Choose Pipe Cutting Machine from China?

The first reason to choose a pipe cutting machine from China is the best versatility in materials. This pipe cutting machine can handle any shape of pipe, from square to round-shaped tubes. No matter the shape, it guarantees clean and precise cuts, ensuring maximum efficiency and accuracy in every job.


Second, we have a low limitation in the length of the pipe, The AAA's pipe cutting machine can cut lengths of up to an impressive 2m/3m, giving you the freedom to tackle diverse projects without any constraints.


Third, our pipe cutting machine can improve your working efficiency to reduce the time cost. Our pipe cutting machine boasts high-speed cutting capabilities, drastically reducing production time and increasing your overall productivity. Get more done in less time and watch your efficiency soar!


Fourth, the pipe cutting machine offers seamless integration. Connectivity is crucial in today's manufacturing landscape. Our Pipe Cutting Machine can easily be integrated into your existing production line, allowing you to link it with other processing functions, such as tube chamfering and drilling machines. Create a comprehensive and seamless workflow to boost your overall efficiency and production output.


At last, In AAA, we are the manufacturer and supplier of pipe cutting machines, owning an independent factory and R&R team, so we can offer a reasonable pipe cutting machine price to our clients.

Technical Parameter
Power Three-phase,380V,50HZ
Applicable materials Iron pipe, stainless steel, square tube, flat tube, round tube
Blade Size (mm) 315-355 315-425 315-500
Total power (Kw) 9 10 11
Working Air Pressure (Kg/cm2) 6
Oil pressure (KG/cm3) 20-35(adjustable)
Fuel tankage(L) 50
Adaptive length of feeding machine (MM) 5800-6200(customizable)
Load bearing of feeding machine(T) ≤1(customizable)
Cutting length (mm) ≧50
Automatic cutting tail adapts to the shortest cutting length (mm) ≧150
The shortest length of tail clamping (mm) ≧40
Single feeding itinerary (mm) 1500 (can feed multiple times)
Clamping ability 1
Clamping mode Cross clamp (square tube and round pipe are in common use)
Cooling mode coolant liquid
Weight (Kg) 2100 2200 2300
Cutting Ability
Round tube (mm) 20-100 20-120 20-140
square tube, flat tube(mm) 20-90 20-100 20-110
Cutting thickness (mm) ≤3 ≤6 ≤10
Action Flow
The hoisting material to the production line material storehouse manual discharge number root cutting machine automatically takes the material 1 → Automatic cutting head→ Cutting specified length→ Automatic tail cutting →The cutting material is automatically discharged into the frame by the feeder



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