AAA is a professional cutting machine manufacturer in China, and we have been engaged in metal pipe and profile processing equipment for 15 years. Our product includes:

Pipe Bending Machine: Tube bending is any metal forming process used to form pipes or tubing permanently. Tube bending may be form-bound or use freeform-bending procedures, and it may use heat supported or cold forming procedures.

Pipe Cutting Machine For Sale: Pipe cutting, or pipe profiling, is a mechanized industrial process that removes material from the pipe or tube to create the desired profile. Typical profiles include straight cuts, miters, saddles, and midsection holes.

Automatic Chamfering Machine: We offer manual, semi-Automatic, and fully automatic bar chamfering machines, including the CNC chamfering machine, chamfering machine for round bar, bar chamfering machine for sale, etc., providing perfect solutions for your bar chamfering needs. 

Deburring Metal Machine: Deburring and beveling machine for sheet metal processing features the brush or belt grinding process, as well as a combination of belt and brush.

Best Drilling Machine: Our custom drilling machine combines the capabilities of multi-spindle drilling and tapping with simple or sophisticated machines.

Put the design, research and development, production and manufacturing, and sales services into one, forming a precision metal circular saw machine, pipe rod end compound processing, pipe bending molding, and compound unmanned intelligent production line as the main shaft operation system.

All the exact pipe cutting machines made from AAA are widely used in automobiles, motorcycles, bicycles, buggy, metallurgy, shipbuilding, medical lighting, solar energy, IT, metal furniture, doors and windows, hardware bathroom, health equipment, wind power, air conditioning, and other industries and fields.



Our main products include pipe cutting machine, aluminum cutting machine, tube bender, machining center and pipe forming machine. We also customize machine or production line for customers.