What is the Purpose of Tube Cutting Machine?

The pipe cutting machine China are extensively used to cut steel bars in the construction industry. These steel bars could be divided into ordinary carbon steel, hot rolled steel, TMT bars, deformed steel bar, flat bar, square steel, etc.

From the literal meaning, the CNC steel plate cutting machine is a kind of rod equipment used to cut off the steel rod. The actual use of cutting machine tools is similar to the literal meaning. The metal plate cutting machine is usually applied to cutting off carbon steel, hot-rolled round bar, and deformed steel bar in all kinds of reinforced concretes in the construction project.

What Machine is Used for Bending Pipes?

The AAA pipe bending machine is the perfect option to help you bend the pipes. Our AAA-SW-38A model pipe bending machine has a maximum bending capacity of 382mm. The  AAA-SW-50A model pipe bending machine has a maximum bending capacity of 502mm. The range of bending radius extends from 38mm to 200mm, ensuring you can achieve precise and consistent bends across various pipe sizes.

One of the standout features of the AAA-SW series is its impressive range of double-bending capabilities. With a range of 170mm to 1700mm, you have the freedom to achieve complex bending configurations and fulfill the most intricate project requirements.

Why Choose Bending Machine Tools in AAA

Bending machine tools are a type of forming machine tools, and the purpose is to assemble a bend on a workpiece. A bend is manufactured by using a bending tool during a linear or rotating move. Detailed classification of the bar bending and cutting machine can be done with the help of kinematics.

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